• How I lost over 100 lbs.

    How did I lose 120 lbs and keep it off? I share the answer in todays post.

  • To the one who gave it all for our country:

    To the one who paid the ultimate price, I sit here today, pen in hand, overwhelmed by a mixture of emotions as I write this letter. The weight of gratitude, grief, and admiration has settled upon my heart, and I find myself searching for words that could truly express the depth of my feelings. Yet,…

  • Building a sustainable weight loss plan

    Creating a sustainable weight loss plan is essential for lasting success. Focus on building healthy habits, tracking your progress, and making small, sustainable changes. #sustainableweightloss #progressnotperfection

  • The Importance of Support Systems in Weight Loss

    A strong support system can make all the difference in achieving weight loss success. Join a weight loss support group, find an accountability partner, or enlist the help of a certified life coach. #supportsystem #weightlossjourney